This trial showed that Functional Electrical Stimulation therapy may improve erectile function and quality of life in men with ED.

An initial study on the effect of functional electrical stimulation in …

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May 22, 2018 – Functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy has shown a high regenerative … and increased mental stress, making ED a major quality of life (QoL) issue [2]. … multiple sclerosis, prostatectomy); hypogonadism (total testosterone < 300 ….. Nature asia · Nature China · Nature India · Nature Japan · Nature ..

A serum analysis showed that electrical stimulation using a 1 Hz current significantly increased the subjects’ concentrations of total testosterone and DHEA-S
Laboratory of Health Science & Nanophysiotherapy, Department of Physical Therapy, College of Public Health & Welfare Yongin University Yongin Korea

-Junghwan Kim Dr.

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